Headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, ALIZ Designs is a timeless collection of fine jewelry meticulously crafted to evoke femininity and desire. Set in 18K Gold and Platinum, ALIZ Designs uses only the finest materials to integrate white diamonds, fancy colored diamonds and an array of colored gemstones into each design. The collection features an ultra classic feel with an innovative touch of culture and personalized details. 


Inspired by modern and vintage fashion from around the world, Amit Meirson has been envisioning different ways to accessorize the various, unique designs, and colorful trends that spoke to her. As a second generation diamond specialist with a family history of over 35 years within the fine jewelry industry, it was inevitable that Amit would be able to explore her passion and inborn talent for design. Her travels sparked a multitude of inspiration leading her to craft a line of one-of-a-kind pieces just to adorn her own, personal wardrobe. Designing this line - fueled purely by raw creativity and passion - Amit was inspired to bring to life her ideas and transform them into tangible pieces of art for others to cherish and enjoy.